Some friends stopped by bearing gifts, and birthday wishes. I’m lucky to have so many good friends πŸ™‚

Made some great progress on my painting today. Unfortunately the lighting in my studio is not working for me, so gonna wait till daylight to continue with painting. Perhaps a couple more days work and it’ll be done, I’ll post more pics tomorrow. Spent a bit of time learning how to organize my studio and some color theory. So been a productive day all round πŸ™‚

Mother’s Kiss

I had completely missed ever blogging about this painting I did of Banafshe and Kuddus. I do have intentions of one day completing this painting πŸ™‚

Art and the meaning of life…

Today I changed my lighting in my studio, did some shuffling around and re-arranging, and now have a larger area to work, less clutter. It`s not quite efficient, but I`m getting there.

In the big scheme of things, I am but a mere grain of sand in this infinite universe. I found pleasure in painting in oils on canvas. Once upon a time my art was textile designing and fabric printing and painting. I painted wacky far out pieces of furniture. I sculpted in sheet metal. I painted tropical fruit and african art, covering huge ceramic urns, vases and dinner plates and serving dishes, tea sets and coffee sets, glazed and fired. Had my own own business for years painting funky lampshades and copies of Renoir and Monet and Michael Angelo on wooden toilet seats, antique crackled them and filled with ebony in the cracks and dusted with gold leaf. A trip to a body shop where I clear coated the seats. Installed stylish brass hardware turning ordinary toilet seats into masterpieces and sold to interior decorators. Years ago I received a set of oils, brushes and canvases from my brother for my birthday. I tried it out a few times, got frustrated and gave up and continued with ceramics and textiles. Then ten years ago I tried it out again. I painted when I had the time, now again. Then one day I began reading through art magazines and decided I wanted to paint like the artists in there. I then began to educate myself. I found a few artists I admired and tried out their palette of colors and emulated them. I studied color and learned how to see light in a whole new light. I studied online on various forums for artists and that`s how I learned to paint. Over the last five years Ive learned to take it more seriously and now I paint as often as possible with the intention of being the best I can be. And the only way that is possible, is time put in. The more u do it, the better it gets. U eventually develop your own style. It`s like a signature that`s recognizable . Now all I can do is put in the time and do it often as possible. Every day. I continually study other artists and learn something new all the time. I just wish I had taken this more seriously years ago. I`m giving myself a year of self improvement and study, do some life drawing, enter a few shows and take part in paint-ins. En plein air is one of my favorite ways to paint. Been painting en plein are for several years now and love it. I paint about thirty or forty in the summer. Great practice. Must admit, great improvement from learning to paint from life. Then after that I`m going to start producing some serious work and look at selling some of my work. I`ll see how it goes. Now for some more tea hippie style πŸ˜‰


I painted in the orange and re-arranged the twigs, still needs some fine tuning….

Chalice and grapes on my easel…

Spent my day working on this little still life, have some tweaking to do still. I’m pleased with the outcome thus far.

Studio still-life set-up

Color charting…..

Don’t you just hate it when u want to rework a painting and u cant remember what colors u used?

Now I document every color I use for Β every painting. Yes a color chart really works. I find them very useful, saves me a ton of time. When designing a painting, I simply use my color charts to map out my painting and the colors I’ll be using. If I’m not sure of a color, it’ll be on my color chart for sure. How simple is that!

I’ll give you an example. I’m sitting at my easel staring at my still life I set up in my studio and can’t put my finger on the color. I simply hold up my color chart to match the color I need. I mix it up and et viola!

If I could give you very sound advise, the color charts will save you so much hassle over and over again. You want a short cut? This is it. It may take you a week to make these color charts, but in the long term, it’s use will be worth it’s weight a hundred times over in gold and time.

Here’s an example, close up of how I made these color charts. As you can see, it is well used.

First completed painting this year…


New years first painting…

New year, new beginnings, new resolutions, goals and aspirations. Upon my easel is my first painting for this year…. Close to completion….

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