Days end reflection…

After a days painting I sit back and view my work, I’m pleased with how it turned out. Got a bit of tweaking to do when dryer and it’s a done deal. My next project is to complete a large landscape. It’s got a days worth of work left on it. And then in between that I’m finishing off the still life and glazing the mandolin. Just want to get all incomplete work done and then I can move on to some more still life.  I’m going to pick up some roses tomorrow and include them in a still life with a tea cup and saucer and a side plate with a few slices of an orange. Perhaps I’ll drape some fabric and yeah, that’s the plan tomorrow. Now where did I put my teacup…..

Todays update….

Oils 18″x25″

Spent the day working on this painting. I have a few more final touches to paint, drying time is required. I’m pleased with how this is turning out. 🙂

A new day….

Good morning world, happy Sunday 🙂 Thankful for a new day and another chance to make my mark on this planet. Have several paintings on the go. Just posted a pic ‘on my easel’ – one is a landscape, getting close to completion, and a still life I plan on completing today. The chalice and grapes. Going to be working on the fabric and adding in the twigs in the background. I have one other I’ll be doing some glazing on, pictures will follow later today 🙂

On my easel today…

I have two pieces I’m working on today, one a landscape I started en plein air in Sidney and a still life to be completed today….


Made some awesome progress on my still life of the chalice and grapes, very very happy so far. Missed a day of painting today, just too tired, eyes glazed all day, can’t focus enough to paint. Spent from midnight to 5 am at emergency with my son Jared. He has an abscess under his wisdom tooth and he had the worst paint imaginable and fortunately the nurse at emerg was kind enough to get him meds very quickly to relieve that pain. He’s doing ok now and will be removing that tooth asap.

Thankful tomorrow is another day, another chance to work on my painting 😀

Palette colors and mediums

My palette colors are as follows…

Lemon Yellow, Pale Yellow, Cadmium yellow medium, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red, Transparent Red Oxide, Cad orange, Permanent Alizarin, Burnt sienna. Viridian, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine blue and Titanium white.

The medium I use is  Stand oil  mixed with oms.

I part Stand oil and 5 part Oms. It generally takes a week or so for the stand oil to thoroughly dissolve with the oms, it’s very thick and will eventually mix. Patience. It’s wonderful medium to use.

Still life set-up

I usually set up my still life near a window for natural light. At times when i need to paint in the evening I’ll use artificial ambient lighting as I prefer more subtle shadows.  But should one prefer dramatic lighting, then direct a spotlight on your still life set-up, but make sure u use the same lighting on you palette and canvas, that way your colors will remain consistent.

Studio still-life set-up

Coffee and todays work…

Feeling somewhat better and a little more optimistic today 🙂  Kitty woke me up waaaay too early this morning, demanding I feed her! I was up till early hours working on a landscape that’s been sitting around for way too long. I’m happy with how it’s turning out, when it’s a bit lighter out, I’ll take a pic and upload it. It’s a dark dreary winters day outdoors, not much natural light coming in. Looking forward to completing this landscape, well, more like a sea-scape.

I also have a still life I’m working on, did some glazing on it yesterday, hopefully it’s somewhat dry, hoping to complete as much as possible today. Well I have my work cut out for me today, and off to an early start 🙂

Had better days….

I awoke this morning feeling like a dogs breakfast. Headaches and irritable to be in my own skin 😦     ….. No matter, the show must go on….paintings won’t paint themselves 😦

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