Welcome to my Studio….


Oil painting is a life long learning experience. Every time we paint, we learn something new. We’re always trying out new techniques, always pushing ourselves further than we think we can go. It’s a good thing. This is how we grow as artists.

At times we paint prolifically and there are times where we feel uninspired and don’t paint for months on end. The trick is to not compare ourselves to others or we can fall into a state of depression because we feel as if we aren’t good enough. There is no rush. We are where we are.
Take one day at a time, baby steps. Every amazing painter we admire, started at the very beginning.  No one became master painter overnight. Just keep going, keep at it, keep painting. Keep persevering. Never give up. The more time we spend painting, the better we get. Time is our friend.

Keep learning and we will eventually become the Master painter we wish we were.



6 Comments on “Welcome to my Studio….

  1. Just discovered your art yesterday and I LOVE it. Jotted down your flesh tone tips in my little green book for future reference. Can’t wait for Amanda’s tea party to finish. Oh, and btw, I’m a South African living in Belgium since 1998 with a 2-year break in between. Looking forward to much more beauty emerging from your studio in the new year..


    • Thank you for the compliments Elria 🙂 I have completed Amanda’s tea party, I need to have it photographed, and then I’ll post it. Glad you found the flesh painting tips handy, and if there is anything more you would like to know please feel free to ask, hope u have a fabulous new year!


  2. Je viens de survoler pendant quelques minutes
    C’est très bien fait
    Grand merci à l’auteur


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