Tulips and Tea

A little 5″ x 7″ painting on 1/4″ birch panel. I limited myself to 4 hours on this one. The tulips are from my garden. I bought the tea-cup from a thrift store and changed the pattern. This is one of 24 daily paintings I did last spring.

I decided to do another painting challenge. Last year I painted every still life from life within 4 hours. This time I don’t want to rush, I’m going to take my time, if it takes me a couple of days to paint one, then so be it. I’m also going to paint from life and from photos as I want to include some landscapes and seascapes. I also want to do some plein air painting in my veggie garden. Yesterday I started a little landscape from a photo I took on the ferry heading into Fulford, Salt Spring Island. I tinted my canvas with burnt sienna and drew the buildings with ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. Today I’ll start blocking in with color and see how it goes from there.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Painting!

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