Painting my daughter in oils

Jessica portrait

I started a portrait of my daughter last week. I started filming the process about half way in. It would have been nice to have filmed it from the start, but I didn’t think of it at the time. A friend asked for some pointers on how to paint flesh, so started filming. Six videos later, I’m getting the hang of it.

For this painting I’m using Natural Pigments’ Rublev colors; Ultramarine Blue, Nicosia green earth, Cypress Burnt umber warm, Burnt Sienna, French raw umber, Alizarin crimson, Genuine Vermillion, Yellow Ochre, Lead white #1 and #2. For medium I’m using Oleogel. For Brushes I’m using Rosemary and Co’s Mundy mops and Eclipse filberts.

I probably have another 6 videos coming as I still have a ways to go to go with this painting.

I hope you find these videos helpful~

Please feel free to ask questions.

Happy Painting!

2 Comments on “Painting my daughter in oils

    • Thank you Maria, yes it does help to have a beautiful daughter to model for me 🙂


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