6 daily paintings ~ 24 to go!

5 days of dailies.JPG

These are so tiny I could take them all at once! They are 5″ x 7″. It’s a decent start. Improvement will come with time. Today is day six, yet to be painted. I was going to go outside to paint en plain air, but it’s a dreary dull day out and I got lazy and decided to paint indoors. I permanently attached the release plate for my tripod on my Pochade box so I can’t put it flat on the table anymore. At least I can paint anywhere in the house!

I think I might paint an interior scene, I’ll have to find the ideal place. Oh my, it’s getting late, time to paint!

I painted the 7th painting after I wrote this post, but it fell off my easel when I was trying to reposition it, on the floor face first. win some, lose some! Tomorrow is another day to try again 😉

Have an awesome day or evening where ever you may be.

Happy painting!

6 Comments on “6 daily paintings ~ 24 to go!

  1. You are a dedicated, very talented, hard worker!
    Beautiful pieces! I am so happy for you!


    • Thank you Addie, glad you like them! It’s actually day 7 today, I miscounted, lol! My 7th painting fell off my easel face first on the floor today. It’s kinda wrecked. Win some, lose some.


  2. Was not meant to be, your next will be better… and it will stay face up 🙂
    btw: they look great together. I really like them.
    Happy painting!


  3. Where are you, Naomi. I just discovered you today and have read everything I could find. I have spent years in art related pursuits/ careers. Now, retired, I am beginner my exploration in oil painting. I would love to read more posts by you and see more of your work.


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