Fine-tuning my drawing skills…..

Our studio building project came to stop. We put it on hold for now.  We were offered a gorgeous studio and we took it. I finally have a place to work. On time. I feel whole again and ready to take on a whole new perspective. I’ve been spending the last several weeks upgrading my drawing and painting skills.  I’ve taken a few online courses and purchased a few videos which in turn has inspired me.

There’s been a huge resurgence in the art of realism. Young and old alike, are no longer buying into “modern art”, they are more interested in learning to draw or paint realistically.  I would to inspire you to pick up a pencil or paintbrush and learn to draw or paint realistically. There’s nothing more satisfying than learning a new skill and completing a drawing or painting successfully. Talent isn’t just for a select few, it’s latent within each of us. The more you practice, the more skillful you become. There are tips and techniques on how to draw realistically. This is a pencil study of my partner, Marc.  He has a very interesting face to draw and paint and I used the same methods of measuring as one would learn Bargue plates.  I ordered more Drawing paper and Nitram charcoal, I’m so excited!


3 Comments on “Fine-tuning my drawing skills…..

  1. This is terrific Naomi, your time has been well spent, do i sound like a jedi master.. Looking forward to following your site with interest…


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