A day at the Moss Street Paint-in

A day at the Moss Street Paint-in

I built this display easel and just realized how functional it really is and will be using it daily. I will of course add to it and make it even more user friendly. I’m delighted to mention that a brand new studio is in the works, so very excited, more to come :- )

6 Comments on “A day at the Moss Street Paint-in

  1. Hi!….could you please give me a list of your building supplies?…also…the fluorescent bulb combo you used in pic on your site….what is the reflective material you encompass the tube bulbs in?…..this easel looks so functional for multiple uses…thank you…enjoy your site much!…Kathy a


    • Hi Kathy, thanks for visiting my blog, I recently moved and as soon as the dust settles, I will post dimensions and instructions for the display easel. There is a link for the lights in the article How to set up an Oil painting studio. Best wishes, Naomi


  2. Am viewing your website via Wet Canvas…. I almost fell over when this photo came up as you look like a twin to my second wife whom I loved dearly. She was a free spirit and loved art and sailed with me for nine years throughout the Caribbean and South America back in the day. Life took her from me….


    • Awe, Dennis, your note made me cry 😦 Sounds like you have some many wonderful memories. Thank you for for reminding me how precious life is. We are all connected in some way or another and meetings are never chance. Perhaps there are greater mysteries yet to be uncovered. I wish you much comfort and Love ❤


      • Yes Naomi, life is precious and fleeting. I have been fortunate in my life to have had thee long time loves, one which is current and last. Each have been special, unique and I loved each one which you may not believe. There were others who came into my life when I and they needed each other but we knew it was not in the stars to last and parted friends and found strength to move on through life. Its hard to believe that I am now entering the winter of my life but I am grateful….


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