Some Kitty company…

The road I travel definitely requires much energy. I do believe there will be some interesting times ahead. I’m fortunate to be sharing these travels with a cute Kitty, some company to make life a little sweeter.

Please forgive me for not replying or getting back to some of you, I will, I promise. As soon as I am able to exhale. The studio I found isn’t working out for me. It’s a communal studio. Too busy and too noisy. Painting requires much concentration. Don’t you find when there are too many distractions and interruptions that you cant get anything done? I know I will soon find a peaceful place to work.

I took part in the Moss Street Paint-In, more on that to come, just waiting on a few images.

Now for some Rooibos tea, Hippie style, while I do my homework :- )

iphonepics 010

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