The winds of change have come…

The winds of change have come, in more ways than one.  This morning I looked back at my fisherman painting and at that moment I had an epiphany. A veil lifted from my eyes.  I felt as if a fresh breeze kissed my muse and woke her up.

I thought back to a time when I was  teenager at high school. I lived in the Art-Room. My imagination was wild and creative…Limitless. But recently discovered that my age had stolen my imagination. I know now, well I think I know how to get it back. I would imagine myself as a teenager again with limitless boundaries, designing and creating freely . My adult inhibitions would no longer hinder me from exploring like a child again. If I choose it, then so be it. Laugh if you must, and I hope you do, because I have a wild imagination, really I do. I had to go back and fight with dragons and dragon slayers and the like and there it was, my Imagination. Shiny, although a little dusty, the magic still abides within :~)

me painting fisherman

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