“I feel like a ghost ship drifting on a restless ocean…”

The last few months have been my lowest for creativity. Moods swings leave me feeling like I’m trapped in Alcatraz with no hope of escaping. (No peace for the wicked) At times I’m so numb and so damned tired, I feel like a ghost ship drifting on a restless ocean. Painting anything is a challenge. Yes my muse does emerge from the darkness of her cave from time to time. I began a painting of Ta’Kaiya. Yes another, even in the depths of depression, I’m able to glean some inspiration from this beautiful child.

This is the underpainting, at this point. I sealed and primed an Mdf Board and planned to complete this painting with only one colour. Burnt umber, and I’d use the white of the canvas for my white. Turns out, I should have taken more care preparing my board.  So now I must cover the imperfections  with paint. Number one challenge is applying the first layer of paint without it removing paint at the same time. The board is pretty smooth. Live and learn. I didn’t want to lose this piece, it was a lot of work. I’ll just very carefully layer paint without disturbing the previous layer. The trick is of course to allow each layer to dry thoroughly before applying more paint. I like the warm tones and intend to keep it that way.  My colours are Viridian green, Transparent red oxide, yellow ochre and Silver white. I chose two transparent colours as I want to keep my shadows thin and transparent. The yellow ochre is used only for my lightest lights mixed with white.

2 Comments on ““I feel like a ghost ship drifting on a restless ocean…”

  1. I have been so inspired by your work. What a wonderful surprise to see this latest piece. It is beautiful! I admire you for your courage to paint even when you are not feeling your best. Hope you will start feeling better soon.


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