Hey everyone, I’m back again and ready to paint up a storm!

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything, I do sometimes withdraw and hide. But now I’m back and ready to paint up a storm. Not that I haven’t been painting, on the contrary I just recently completed ‘Chance Meeting in Fan Tan Alley’. Hmmm reminds me, I should update my gallery with more paintings 😀

Today I began a new painting of a guy playing a trombone. I took his picture during an anti-Pineline rally in Victoria. He is aware I may paint him. Always ask someone’s permission first. I will upload progress pics as I paint. I decided to do my underpainting in burnt umber and then I’ll paint in flesh color. Looking forward to this little painting.

Good news, Ive decided to make teaching videos :- ) How to begin an oil painting. How to mix flesh tones. How to successfully mix clean colors and how to avoid muddy colors. How to paint en plein air and much more!

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