No sense crying over spilt milk…

Unfortunately I have lost a painting due to an accident that has ruined my canvas and is not repairable. Yes it’s the Mayor painting :- ( No sense in crying over spilt milk. I’m going to put it behind me and start again.

I’m taking a new approach this time. I usually start every painting with an underpainting. Not this time. I’ve primed my canvas and tinted it Grey using a mix of Viridian Green and Permanent Alizarin. I’ve also decided to keep the background Grey. In fact I’m not going to touch it. I like that unfinished feel with the linen showing through in some places. I know this is no time to experiment, but I’m going to go with my gut on this. When inspiration has offered you a visual, then go with it all the way. Never second guess yourself or doubt your Guru.



2 Comments on “No sense crying over spilt milk…

  1. That is so disappointing and frustrating! I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost this painting that you have put so much work into! I know how you feel about a fresh start though. Sometimes it comes out better, especially when there’s a little inspiration about how to handle things differently. Good luck.


    • Thank you Felta, yes starting from fresh always results in a better painting because all the challenges have already been addressed, and most importantly, we learned from it and can improve on it.


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