It’s the anticipation of Love that gives us hope…

Our existence is so temporary. Hours fleet by without a second thought. Should we truly reflect, we would realize just how evanescent our lives really are. We’re all lonely people attempting to fill a bottomless void. Our hearts yearn for a deep, soulful connection with another being, yet we search in every other direction to fill the void.  Some fill it with temporary relationships that were never given a fair chance and virtual online fantasies that numb and destroy relationships.  We’re so busy keeping our options open that we don’t realize what’s right in front of us.  Stop for a moment and ponder your lives and the people who surround you.  Our human hearts are fragile, would your lives feel more meaningful knowing you are truly loved? If one thinks about it, it’s the anticipation of love that gives us hope. A reason to wake up every morning.

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