My favorite Oil painting Medium recipe…

For painting medium I use:

4 parts Walnut oil

I Part Stand oil

2 Parts Gamsol Odourless Turpentine

Combine the ingredients and stir until dissolved. Don’t shake, you don’t want bubbles.

You don’t need much, just a few drops. It’s best to use a dropper and mx into your paint thoroughly with a palette knife. Using too much medium will compromise the paint film and weaken it. Use very little, just enough to improve flow.

This afternoon I have intentions of working on the Mayor, I’m pretty happy with my progress. I’ve managed to match his skin colour perfectly. I’ll paint his hand next and demonstrate how I do it and the colours I use. Next, the Mayor’s shirt. A white shirt with thin blue stripes. I’ve been considering how to tackle this for a while now. This is a challenge I enjoy taking on. If it were easy, it would bore me. I considered painting the whole shirt white and then add the stripe. However, I don’t think I want to do that. I want a more painterly feel. So I’ll finish the shirt as I go along. Hmmm, here goes….

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