I think there are a few gremlins left…

I ended up having a pretty rough day and night due to food poisoning. I lay curled up in a ball for twelve hours in ridiculous pain.  I think there are a few gremlins left in there, still gnawing at my intestines and slurping up my morning coffee. No more coffee. No. I’ll be taking it easy and self care is on the agenda. Emotionally, I’m still a bit tender. Hoping this will pass sometime soon. I do prefer the strong, aloof, mischievous side of me as apposed to being a miserable b****

I will eventually find myself sitting in front of my easel at some point today, have much to do. Finishing off David’s painting, a little piece I began last week for his birthday. I wanted this painting to have a nostalgic feel and painted it in sepia colors. Burnt umber, raw umber, white and lemon yellow for the highlights. Looking forward to sharing it with you, hopefully by the end of the day :- )

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