Cozy studio, #MushroomJazz and sweet doggy company…

Tuesday morning, yet another day in the land of the living dead. I’m going to take the necessary cold meds every 4 hours and work on the portrait, come hell or high water. Still working on the underpainting. So glad the face is done, now to work on the clothing, that’s do-able, I can handle that. Here’s the catch, the shirt is striped. I almost had a heart attack at the photo shoot when the Mayor walked in the room. But then, as the photo shoot went on, I knew that although painting this shirt will be a mission in itself, it will add enormously to the character of my painting. I love the pose, it’s completely natural. I’m excited, it’s going to be a pleasure painting this. There will be challenges, as there always are, for me will be the shirt for sure. Not necessarily difficult, but rather, a test of patience. I thought of a few ways I could approach this shirt, I decided I will work on the stripes in my underpainting. I think doing this will make my life a lot easier when I paint in colour. I also decided the best way would be alla prima. In other words I’m going to finish it as I move along. I do like the painterly approach over the photo realist style. Start at the top and work my way down as I do every painting. I’ll use lead Silver white because of it’s opaqueness and it’s smooth handling. Limited palette, burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, transparent red oxide, venetian red, lemon yellow and viridian. I will more than likely glaze transparent yellow oxide over the face at the end. I discovered this while experimenting and find it adds that final layer of natural skin tone. Looks like I’ve just mapped out my day. Now to scrape my palette and make myself comfortable at my easel. Hot coffee, mood enhancer of my choice and sweet doggy company :- )

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