Creativity uplifts my spirits….

Day seven of this head cold and it aint going anywhere in a hurry, it seems. Just when I thought that yesterday, it had hit it’s peak, I was wrong, it’s today. I so badly want to paint. I have so much to do. Yesterday I drew the image of a new portrait. I then transferred it onto a canvas I had prepared and tinted the day before with burnt umber. I also sprayed with re-touch varnish to deal with the ‘sinking-in’ phenomena. Then Last night, as awful as I felt, I started the underpainting. I used the wipe out method and darkened the shadows a bit with transparent red oxide and ultramarine blue. I’m not using any white at this stage as I don’t want to contaminate my darks. I’m tempted to work on the face some more, but I won’t because the likeness is 100% now, and I want to keep it that way. So I sprayed it with retouch varnish to preserve my image in case I lose it later, I can just wipe it away and my image will be there underneath.

I can’t work on Ta’Kaiya until my head is clear, I dont want to wreck the painting. I can’t  make important colour decisions when I feel like the living dead. So, I’m sticking with ‘safe’ and I’ll work on the underpainting of the new portrait. The only thing I need to concern myself with here, is Value. At least I’m getting some work done. There are ways one can feel a wee bit better. Some incense, Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz 6, a mood enhancer of one’s choice, an oil painter’s studio, and ones creative mind ;- )

I didn’t get much done today due to feeling like death warmed over. Holding up my head requires an enormous amount of energy I apparently don’t have. I’m so hoping for improvement tomorrow.

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