My subject inspires me like no other…

This morning my attention will be on a painting I recently began.

A young girl with the voice of an angel, is standing on the shore, water lapping over her feet. She’s surrounded by Earth’s beauty, she’s fighting to keep. For soon the inevitable will take place, super oil tankers will be spilling their wares into the sea. Oil soaked birds and blackened shores will be all one can see.

She’s Sings out to the World to join Earth’s Revolution. Her voice hauntingly seeping into  the fibres of our beings, stirring our innate desire to preserve our kind and the environment in which we live.  My heart’s desire to express the beauty we fight to keep overcomes me. I give in and allow my instinct to take over as my hand moves my brush over the canvas forming waves in the distance.

I’ll post the painting upon completion.

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