My Brushes beckon me…..

When one is in a complete funk (Painter’s Block) it’s great to have a worthwhile  distraction to occupy ones time and I must admit I’m compelled to have my say over the Northern Gateway pipeline, and my disgust with the oil industry and Canadian government campaigning against “Radical Environmentalists”, makes me want to puke. This whole affair stinks. The stakes are high, obviously many pockets will be lined at the expense of our environment. The Planet’s very last Temperate Rain Forest, The Great Bear Rainforest is at risk and so is our Pristine British Columbia Coast line. Can you possibly imagine the impact of ecological disaster on our coast caused by a tanker tanking?  It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Oil Spills are inevitable. Worse, our government doesn’t give a damn. Ponder this… what’s in it for them? Shit, the stakes must be so f*cking high for them to turn a blind eye. Who’s going to be paying for the clean-up when a tanker tanks on our coastline? Obviously us, the Canadian Tax Payers.

Now back to my studio where I’ll prepare for my next piece. I’ve been inspired to  paint what I feel so strongly about, the battle to preserve our gorgeous coastline. And although my roots are from Africa, I have a great love for Canada’s natural beauty and it’s indigenous people. The image of my new painting is burned in my heart, and is crying to be unraveled on my canvas. My brushes beckon me…

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