New Canvases = endess possibilities…

2012 is definitely going to be my year. Ive worked hard over the past year to improve my skills as a painter and now plan on working even harder to paint a decent body of work for a show coming up in May. Not a lot of time, but enough to light a fire under my ass to produce several major pieces. Figurative paintings are on my agenda. Next month I begin with a formal portrait, very excited and can hardly wait to get started 🙂 My next figurative painting excites me. The model, a beautiful friend whose eyes look right into ur soul. So two canvases on the go this month. Now to set up my studio easel, scrape my palette, mix some fresh medium and prepare myself for some serious easel time.

I did complete ‘Amanda’s Tea Party’ I just never posted it. And there’s good reason. It doesn’t photograph well. It has to be photographed professionally by someone who knows what they’re doing. And I will get to that, I have many other paintings still waiting to be photographed/scanned.

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