Dreaming of sweet things to come…

I’m on the last stretch of Amanda’s Tea party. The canvas is covered and now the finishing touches will take all day. I’m delighted with how it’s turning out. It was a lot work, felt like it took forever. I don’t know why it is that some artists drag their heels towards the end. Just sit down in front or ur easel and paint dammit! hahaha!

My next two pieces are going to be painted on very large canvases. Both excite me, I know I always say that, but they really do. One is a portrait and I’m not going to reveal the painting until it’s day of completion. I have big plans for the second piece. The image in my minds eye is on the canvas and painted. I know exactly what I want and how I want it to look 🙂 yes that’s me jumping up and down with excitement! This time I’m setting up two easels and working on them both 🙂

You know that feeling when you’ve bought yourself a new toy and u cant wait to get home to play with it? That’s me in anticipation of a new canvas 🙂

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