Words for the day….

My son is a 19yr old sweetheart. Aspergers. Suffers terribly from allergies, god I feel for my kid. The other day we chatted for hours on the phone. He says, ‘I’m so troubled and disappointed in humanity. No matter how hard I try to be friendly and kind, I’m shunned and ridiculed. I don’t do anything to them. Why is my life so unworthy of living?’

My god, how awful it is for a mother to hear those words.

Humanity can be cruel, yes. I watched it unfold before my eyes raising my aspergers child. He was a target for bullies and they made his life a misery at school and in our neighborhood. Sigh. Unfortunately even in adulthood, it continues.

My heart burns with pain to hear his words. My wishes are many.

Is life so cheap that we lose our sense of humanity?

Words for the day…think before u judge another human being. Ur actions could be the breaking point of someones life. A simple smile can make all the difference in the world.

Compassion can change the world.

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