Rose colored glasses…

It’s Monday noon-ish, and still much to do on my painting, although I’ve made great headway in the last couple of days. I’m delighted with it so far, very time consuming, most challenging and most importantly, I’ve learned a great deal whilst creating this painting. That excites me. It gives me more confidence to create something even more challenging for my next piece. My head is filled with images from visions and dreams, just waiting to be rendered on canvas.

What motivates a person to want to create? I’ve heard that some artists create their works out of a painful and stressful place. I simply cannot lift up a paintbrush under duress. When I’m in my most happiest place, that is when I create my best work. I want to create works with life and light, how could one do that in cloud of darkness? I must admit, I’m quite happy to be rid of the dark cloud that had been raining on me for the last seven months. A breakthrough at last. I’m free and able to take on all the challenges I can to improve my skills as a painter. Life looks so much sweeter when ur wearing rose colored glasses. So happy I found them again :p

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