Another day to paint…

It’s an early start for me again this morning, have much to do on my painting today. I must admit, I feel good today. I’ve shaken a little demon and am now finally free of it. I find the best way to deal with ones demons, is to face them head on.  A kind of cleansing process. I write down my thoughts, and I don’t care if they’re ever read, just as long as it’s been released. From there, a healing takes place. Have u ever written a letter to someone and never sent it? That letter was never intended for that individuals eyes. All that matters, is u got it off ur chest and sent it into the universe. Life’s too short to hang on to unpleasant thoughts, clouding ones vision, just release it and let it go.

A good friend and very talented painter used to say, ‘Life is good’ … his sunny disposition complimented his brief, yet full life. His paintings were bold and flamboyant, yet he had a quiet, gentle demeanor and will always be fondly remembered and sadly missed. However, life goes on and we’re given another chance to live another day. I plan to make full use of it and work on completing my painting 🙂

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