Sad parting and new beginnings…

Today’s a sad day for me, parting with my kitty was tougher than I expected. The new folks adopting her are terribly nice and have all a kitty could want and hope for… a garden to call her own with a platter of squirrels, birds and insects to keep her entertained…. this is best for her, I want her to have her hearts desire…. and her dearest wish, is to feel the breezes between her whiskers and the freedom to play in her own garden…

Goodbye my sweet furry friend, we shall miss u terribly 😦

The new proud owners of Kitty are keeping me updated, and she’s doing really well, settled in already and taken over the house. She’s not allowed out yet as she may run away, but soon enough she’ll be playing in her garden chasin squirrels. I’m sad for me but really happy for Kitty :<)

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