New works in the works…

Yes! I finally completed the commission and will be framing and hanging today 🙂 I’ll be completing works for the Sooke Fine art show and planning works for this coming Sidney Fine art show.

Now on a deeper more personal note… it’s not easy being caught in the middle… uncertainty eating at ones core.  Thing aren’t always as they appear. Misunderstandings  can easily change ones perceptions, distorting truths. There is always a bigger picture.

No-one is replaceable. How can that be? Love is powerful, it’s bigger than us. Love is an entity all of it’s own. There is always something beautiful and special about each of us that can never be forgotten. Those incredible memories people made together will always be cherished.

New beginnings open new doors. Life embraces our excitement as we enter. We have the world at out feet. After all, we are the Writers, the Painters, the Poets and Directors of our Own lives.  Where we are at this point of our lives is the result of our own choice.

Life is so fragile. Embrace every moment as if it were our last.  We only get one chance. Make every moment count.

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